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Bike Yoke - Divine SL Rascal Dropper Post

Bike Yoke - Divine SL Rascal Dropper Post

  • Built with the same construction as the Divine SL but without a weight saving cutout at the top of the post. For shorter riders or kids who don't need a lot of drop but need to slam the post as deep into the frame as possible
  • The new "Tech-Climb" feature keeps the post completely locked at the top and bottom positions but allows slight spring in the middle positions, filtering the impact of roots and rocks when needed
  • Titanium saddle bolts, carbon and oval rail compatible forged clamping plates, tapered tubes. All of this comes stock on the DIVINE SL Rascal to achieve a sensational low weight of 365g (30.9)
  • By design, the shorter travel DIVINE SL does not require manual resets like the REVIVE
  • Lower tube can be cut to as short as 283mm
  • Non-IFP design provides better reliability and extremely smooth action
  • Use YB-2105 for optional 2-by remote, a more traditional dropper lever which can fit over a shifter
  • All Bike Yoke posts feature internal cable routing
  • Maximum rider weight limit (fully equipped) of 115kg (250lbs)

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