Cinelli Tutto Complete Track Bike


From the manufacturer:

More than any other brand in the world, Cinelli has spent the last 15 years - since the beginning of the subculture of the fixed gear - obsessed with the search for the perfect urban track bike. Everything is the most recent, detailed and sophisticated urban track of all time. As the name suggests, it was designed for everything a rider could want from a track bike in the 21st century megalopolis. Thanks to the maniacal richness of details, everything can be transformed from a messenger work bike with a front luggage rack, a criterium bike, a single speed cyclocross, an indestructible belt driven commuter and satisfy every other desire of its rider.


The geometry of Tutto reflects its chameleonic functionality: track angles but with a passage that accommodates wider wheels, as well as its proprietary segmented fork, TIG welded which makes it stiffer and together gives urban aesthetics to the bicycle.