Ergon Grips GE1 Slim Laser Lemon

Ergon Grips GE1 Slim Laser Lemon

  • Recommended for glove sizes: Small / Medium (6.5 - 8.5) or for preference of smaller diameter grips.
  • Directional Grip Texture – Opposite to Hand Rotation,for Maximum Grip. Improved Pressure Distribution in Thumb Area.
  • Internal Core with Cut-Outs, Complement Grip Textures. Additional Damping on Grips‘ External Edges. Multiple Grip Textures for Improved Feel.
  • New - Take Off

At the top of the Enduro and Gravity community! The first ergonomic, rider orientated grip for wide riser bars. Supporting the ‘elbows out’ hand / arm position popular in downhill riding. – The GE1 tilts the grip area 8%, placing the elbows in the correct position automatically. Forged aluminum inboard clamp, with fully integrated ‘end plug’ which is part of the internal core (Patent Pending) – This internal core allows the grip edge to be soft for damping vibrations, so the hand can be placed correctly at the end of the bars. Therefore, the pressure-sensitive ulnar nerve on the outer hand is protected. Compatible with carbon handlebars.
The GE1 Slim has a slimmer construction as the GE1, designed for those who prefer a slimmer grip by for smaller hands or purely preference. The GE1 Slim grips offer a more ‘direct feel’ than the standard GE1.



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