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PFAUTEC - Grazia 26/24 7 Speed Bosch Mid Electric Tricycle

PFAUTEC - Grazia 26/24 7 Speed Bosch Mid Electric Tricycle

  • Frame/Fork: Heavy duty tig welded steel frame and fork with anti-corrosive power coating paint
  • Steel
  • Drivetrain: Bosch Centemotor with 400 watt battery and 7 speed internal Shimano hub
  • Brakes/Cockpit: Coaster brake, Shimano alloy V-Brake, parking brake, Wens comfort seat and grips
  • Extras Included: Cargo box, suspension seat post fenders and adjustable stem

    Without effort, Grazia-Bosch allows mobility by adding the power of the Bosch Active Line engine to your pedal action. You can choose between 4 different support modes for needed motor assistance. Take off in high gears or long journeys: the torque controlled motor with its powerful battery allows up to 25 miles distance and needs a maximum of 4 hours for a full recharge cycle. Design and construction are suitable for riders up to 265 lbs. The extremely low step-through allows to step up onto the tricycle with ease. All PFIFF bicycles and tricycles are designed and made in Germany.

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