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Ragley - Tracker Saddle

Ragley - Tracker Saddle


The Ragley Tracker Saddle is packed with features which combine to provide optimum comfort, support and performance for riders who spend all day out on the trails, putting in the miles.

Weighing in at a sensible 250g, the Tracker saddle strikes the ideal balance between lightness and comfort with a good amount of padding to ensure all day comfort which especially important if you ride a hardtail. The 277x142mm size is perfect for XC/AM use and will suit the biggest range of rider sizes; being wide enough to provide great support and narrow enough to ensure that you can easily get your weight out and over the back wheel on a gnarly descent. The rounded shape prevents your clothes from getting snagged and the long flat and well padded nose allows for comfy climbing when technical terrain requires more weight over the front wheel.

Weight is kept down with Crn/Ti Alloy rails underneath as standard. These are connected to the shell via ArcTech suspension Technology: a system that allows for more base and rail flexibility, reducing trail buzz feedback to the rider. To further optimise comfort the Tracker features a High Density foam fill and a double density Nylon fiber injected base that is designed to flex under your sit bones and at the edges for pedalling efficiency. It also has a rising rear profile to support the pelvis and prevent back pain, a cut-out on the bottom and channel on the top to relieve pressure on your sensitive bits and promote circulation on even the longest of rides. 

When riding hard, crashes happen and to keep your saddle looking good we added kevlar corners which we neatly tucked underneath to keep you dry and happy. The tough one piece PU cover is stitch free to prevent chafing and also helps to keep things watertight on wet and muddy rides. 

Finally we have added an embossed Ragley Crest graphic design to the cover with colour co-ordinated graphics, bumpers and painted rails to give it a fresh and understated look.

No soggy sofa, this is a performance perch built for knocks, spills and all day comfort out on the trails!


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